Permanent exhibition

The exhibition offers a comprehensive insight into the Swiss financial market, and provides fascinating links between economic history and the modern innovations of the financial sector.

Key historical pieces from one of the world's biggest and most important collections of securities allow visitors to trace the development of our modern financial economy all the way back to the 16th century. Find out about the first modern stock corporation, revolutionary business ideas, and how huge corporations have emerged from the 16th century to the present day.
How does a share dealer work? When was the first Swiss ATM commissioned? What happens in an IPO? Have fun discovering the answers to these questions through interactive video sequences, historical film recordings, interviews and touch-screen animations.

Special Exhibition: "Sports & Money"

Until 15 July 2022: the special exhibition "Sports & Money". Sports and money are closely connected. In Switzerland, sports contribute 1.7% to the gross domestic product and generate gross value added of CHF 11.4 billion. This and other exciting financial figures show why money plays such an important role in sports. Using the sports of Formula 1, tennis, equestrian sports, soccer and skiing, the exhibition gives a glimpse of the financial aspect of physical exercise. Matching the five sports, the exhibition features original historical securities from near and far. 




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