SIX founded the "Stiftung Sammlung historischer Wertpapiere" ("Historical securities collection foundation") on 31 October 2001. By creating the foundation, SIX hoped to acquire, maintain and expand the most historically significant collection of old international securities. Following steady expansion, the foundation's collection has now grown to comprise around 10,000 items. The collection covers all eras since the 16th century, all sectors of industry and all countries, in proportion to their historical importance. The collection includes rarities signed by famous individuals such as Maria Theresia, Thomas A. Edison and John D. Rockefeller, as well as exhibits of particular value in terms of the history of art. The foundation makes highlights from the collection accessible to the Finance Museum's visitors, and illustrates the importance of the financial sector, securities and the processing of securities.

The foundation operated the "Wertpapierwelt" museum at the SIX offices in Olten from 2003 to 2016. In the spring of 2017 SIX relocated its main offices from Selnau in Zurich to Hard Turm Park. The Finance Museum has been located at the new HQ of SIX at Hard Turm Park since June 2017.

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The Swiss Finance Museum offers Jakob Schmitz' book "Aufbruch auf Aktien. Vom Fernhandel zur Industrialisierung" ("Breakthrough by shares. From long-distance trading to industrialization") for the special price of CHF 50.00 as a comprehensive read to complement the exhibition.

Breakthrough by shares. From long-distance trading to industrialization

Jakob Schmitz

Jakob Schmitz: «Aufbruch auf Aktien. Vom Fernhandel zur Industrialisierung»

Jakob Schmitz: «Aufbruch auf Aktien. Vom Fernhandel zur Industrialisierung»

Today's global economy would not have been possible without shares. How else could large-scale projects such as dams and aircraft or costly research projects to fight cancer have been financed than by stock corporations?

The book focuses on the shares of companies in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, the commonalities and peculiarities of which document the economic and financial history of their countries.

More than 500 high-quality and large-scale color prints complement the documentation of an important period in recent economic history. Jakob Schmitz' book is not only aimed at experts, but also offers the layperson a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of shares. Find out more in the review of FAZ.