Schweizer Finanzmuseum

In a multimedia exhibition, the first and only financial museum in Switzerland – a country known for its banks – explains the origins of the economic system and the role of the stock market. Find out all there is to know about the Swiss financial market and experience economic history and modern innovations in a way that is entertaining and uses a variety of different media. We show you the importance of the Swiss financial sector for daily life. Prepare to be surprised.

Special exhibition - starting 1 June 2018

30 years SMI

equity indices explained

In our new special exhibition "30 Years SMI: Equity Indices Explained!", we take the 30th anniversary of the leading Swiss index as an opportunity to take a closer look at equity indices as such. First calculated at 1,500 points in 1988, the SMI quickly rose to become Switzerland's most important equity index. But what is a blue-chip index? What are indexes used for? And how long have they been around? From 1 June, 2018, we will address these and many other questions and explain the origin, history and significance of SMI, Dow Jones, Nikkei & Co.