Schweizer Finanzmuseum

In a multimedia exhibition, the first and only financial museum in Switzerland – a country known for its banks – explains the origins of the economic system and the role of the stock market. Find out all there is to know about the Swiss financial market and experience economic history and modern innovations in a way that is entertaining and uses a variety of different media. We show you the importance of the Swiss financial sector for daily life. Prepare to be surprised.

Special Exhibition: "Sports & Money"

Since 10 July 2020: new special exhibition "Sports & Money". Sports and money are closely connected. In Switzerland, sports contribute 1.7% to the gross domestic product and generate gross value added of CHF 11.4 billion. This and other exciting financial figures show why money plays such an important role in sports. Using the sports of Formula 1, tennis, equestrian sports, soccer and skiing, the exhibition gives a glimpse of the financial aspect of physical exercise. Matching the five sports, the exhibition features original historical securities from near and far. 



Coronavirus: Swiss Finance Museum reopens on 10th July 2020

Since we are currently still closed, we are using the time to install our new special exhibition "Sport & Money".  On July 10th, 2020 we will start again - we will reopen and open the new special exhibition at the same time!

For details, please read the protection concept . The health of our guests and employees is our top priority. We thank you for your trust.


Until then, please visit us digitally. We have compiled all digital content on one page.