Inspired by Margarete Steiff: The Will to Make It Happen

Inspired by Margarete Steiff: The Will to Make It Happen

On the podcast of SIX, Andrea Weidemann, Director of the Swiss Finance Museum, tells the moving story of Margarete Steiff and recounts surprising anecdotes about successful entrepreneurs behind historical securities.

Who isn’t familiar with the button in the ear of teddy bears and other cuddly plush animals? Margarete Steiff founded a stuffed-animal company known the world over. For a girl born in the mid-19th century, such a career was anything but predestined, all the more so since she was diagnosed with polio in her infancy. But her disability never deterred her from fighting for her education and achieving true mastery as a seamstress.

Andrea Weidemann, the director of the Swiss Finance Museum, has a flair for entrepreneurial stories like these. In this episode of the SIX podcast, she describes how she brings historical securities to life in the first and only finance museum in Switzerland – a country known for its banks – and explains why financial literacy is so important.

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