About the Swiss Money Week

The week is organized by the OECD International Network on Financial Education. In Switzerland, the Swiss National Bank SNB is taking on the role of national coordinator. The Swiss Finance Museum and SIX are teaming up to support the campaign.

Swiss Money Week 2023 at the Swiss Finance Museum

During Swiss Money Week, the Swiss Finance Museum and SIX will welcome over 100 primary school students. Around 10 primary school classes from the lower and middle levels are taking part in the planned activities! 

The tasks are in line with the learning objectives of Curriculum 21 and offer teachers an exciting project as part of their lessons. The idea is that the tasks will be implemented in class in the weeks leading up to Swiss Money Week and then presented on site at the Finance Museum during the week itself. It involves a design collage competition and a budgeting project. Attractive prizes for the class coffers can be won in both areas. 

Lower school classes create a collage in class on the topic of money. Middle school children budget their own class camp. The motto of the week is "Let's talk about money". Because as we find - and as studies also prove; you can't start early enough.

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