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The museum team tells you about their favourite exhibit in the Finance Museum. It's in german, may the automatic translation will help you.

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You know what Bull & Bear has to do with the stock market? A bull market means that prices are rising. The opposite – a sharp fall in prices – is known as a bear market. The imagery of bulls and bears is used because of the animals‘ fighting tactics. The bull attacks with his head and horns lowered, then strikes upwards, mimicking the shape of an uptrend. In contrast, a bear stands upright and attacks opponents from above –  in this case pushing prices down. You will find statues of both bulls and bears in front of famous stock exchanges, including New York and Frankfurt.

Here you will find Bull & Bear to print and colour in. Have fun.


Get an insight into special exhibitions:

  • The actual special exhibition "Sports & Money" shows, sports and money are closely connected. In Switzerland, sports contribute 1.7% to the gross domestic product and generate gross value added of CHF 11.4 billion. This and other exciting financial figures show why money plays such an important role in sports. Using the sports of Formula 1, tennis, equestrian sports, soccer and skiing, the exhibition gives a glimpse of the financial aspect of physical exercise. Matching the five sports, the exhibition features original historical securities from near and far. 
  • In the special exhibition "30 Years of the SMI: Stock Indices Explained", we took the 30th anniversary of the leading Swiss index as an opportunity to take a deeper look into the topic of indices. Calculated for the first time in 1988 with a base of 1,500 points, the SMI quickly rose to become Switzerland's most important share index. But what is a blue-chip index anyway? What are indices used for? And since when have they existed? From 1 June 2018 to autumn 2019, the exhibition focused on these and many other questions and explained the origin, history and significance of the SMI, Dow Jones, Nikkei & Co.

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